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My favourite things about childhood

Rainbow Brite, Sailor Moon, The Last Unicorn, Little House on the Prairie, Halloween movies, Disney movies, Beatrix Potter, corn on the cob, freshly cut grass, the Streetsville swimming pool, the smell of the barbeque, the ultramarine afternoon sky, the pool at Glendon Road, freezies, the chime of the grandfather clock, the Gavises’ cottage at Lake Huron, Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, the mournful cooing of doves, Carly Simon tapes in the car, long drives through the country, ladies-in-the-bathtub, Harriet the bird who lived in the wall, climbing and sitting on fences, The Sound of Music, driving by beautiful houses along Mississauga Road and along Lakeshore, paper dolls, drawing houses with Mom, Mini Eggs, Friday nights at Swiss Chalet, Grandma’s Little Darlings, the Bread and Honey Festival, ferris wheels, the Mermaid Lagoon, the Credit River, rolling down grassy hillsides, seeing the Delta Hotel on the way home from Stratford, the ducks on the banks of the Avon River, twilight walks, the sound of the ice cream truck at twilight, The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, swings, Robert Munsch, Roald Dahl, parks, long walks with Mom through Wonderland, all the song and dance routines me and Chel came up with, Mom rubbing my back at night singing “I’m Bound for the Island,” water water water, French fries after swimming lessons, freshly baked cookies, pumpkins at Halloween, decorating the tree at Christmas, the Mary and Jophes manger, Stratford, Andrea Boccelli, Enya, Minimart, licking the beaters, staying home from school, lighthouses and harbours, banana-flavoured antibiotics, Mrs. Wilson who encouraged me to read and write in grade three, trips to Erin Mills Town Center, fantasy novels, Jillian Jiggs, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, Tamora Pierce, Madeleine L’Engle, Bookmice, the family gathering around watching Roseanne at dinnertime, sitcoms in general, MYT showcases, Pete’s Dragon, Tim Horton’s Iced Capps, The Magic School Bus, beanie babies, puppets, the Jewel Princesses, elaborate Barbie dramas and my attempts to transpose them into novels, make-believe, dressup, bicycle-riding, school concerts, writing stories outside, the Muppets, Tabitha Twitchet, Dad’s ridiculous impersonations, the sound of crickets in the evening, Mitzi Bomenz, Aloe the Flying Aunt, Mom’s guided visual meditations (Crystal mountain)