Courtney Vanessa Arthur
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C.V. Arthur Library

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This is the book collection of Courtney Vanessa Arthur. Courtney left them in my possession at a time when she was in between homes, about a month before her life was taken in a bicycling accident. When I look at these books, their titles, their covers, their synapses, I can hear Courtney's voice saying "Have you ever read ...? It's about ... " Literature was such a significant, deep part of her life and I feel that to read from her collection is to connect with her spirit. So as not to keep others from partaking in this experience, I have started the C.V. Arthur Library, so that her books may be shared but not lost,and we may all go on connecting to the beautiful influences that shaped her soul. I feel it is important to note that by not having Courtney here to supervise this Library, we cannot assume that every book in this collection was a favourite of hers, and some may perhaps have been kept because she did not like them, for the sake of critical study, or witchcraft. Some she may not have read at all. All we know is what she told us personally, and the rest is for us to guess. - For Courtney, with Love, always, Rob